Information for Spanish Class " Clase de Espanol"- "The Spanish Corner!"

Welcome Parents! (Bienvenidos Padres!)

This page will help parents and family reinforce Spanish vocabulary, phrases and songs that students have learned in class. It will also keep you updated with special events regarding Spanish class.

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Principal's Breakfast Minutes

Honor Roll Policy  


 Honor Roll will be staying in PS 38 Grades1-2 will get it in their classrooms / 3-5 will have a ceremony.


New School Partnerships :


Ableton Music Company

Donated 10 PUSH ( MIDI Controllers) units to help kids learn how to create music in the new music room on the 2nd floor


New Mac Genuis Center coming soon

It will include : Digital Photography , Word, Typing, Microsoft Office, and Video Production


Expansion of Steel Pans to other grades 3,4,5


Other Programs 

 Expansion of Mark Morris , Blue Blocks, Drumming, Basketball, Legos for "BIG KIDS" , Yoga, STEM,


We have new Spanish cluster teacher  Ms imonode

full immersion program

she will using rosetta stone

literacy and Language Development in both English and Spanish 


Upcoming School Events

International Feast Thursday, November 17

Winter Show  Thursday December 15

5th Grade Graduation Friday June 23, 2017

Download a copy of our 2016-2017 Parent Handbook. Click Here


Frist Grade Supply List

Second Grade Supply List

3rd Grade Supply List

5th Grade Welcome Letter



2015-2016 Parent Handbook






  • Call to order

  • Reading and approval of minutes

  • President’s Report

    • welcome to first meeting

  • Treasurer’s Report

  • Principal’s Report

  • School Leadership Team Report

  • Committee Reports

  • New Business

    • Committees

    • Votes

      • Can PTA meeting notices be all electronic/posted in school?

        • all info can be given in hard copy

      • ByLaws

        • when will meetings be held?

        • First Weds of every month

          • 8:15am

          • 2:45pm

          • 6pm


Click here to download the 2015-2016 PTA BY LAWS

Special Membership Meeting 9/25/15


Meeting called to order - 8:30 AM / Meeting adjourned - 9:08am


Chris Mischler, Joanna Schlesser, Jessica D’Agostino

  • Quorum of general members met


Vote - Reinstatement of Enrichment Program

  1. Unanimous Yes to reinstate Enrichment.  Enrichment to be reinstated.

New Business - Q & A

  • Can Enrichment be done in conjunction with parents?  Can a committee be formed?  How can families who need financial assistance for Enrichment be helped?

    • Yes, Enrichment committee can be formed.  Please attend the General Membership meeting on 10/8/15 for more details.

  • Can the vote for SLT membership (10/5/15 at 9:30am) happen earlier?

    • No.  The vote must take place ASAP and this was the earliest time available.  If elected to the SLT, you can discuss with SLT members when to hold monthly meetings.

  • Is there a timeline for Enrichment classes happening?

    • ASAP.  UPDATE: Enrichment will begin on 10/5/15.

  • Can parents teach Enrichment classes?

    • Possibly, once they are fingerprinted.  A teacher must be in the room at all times regardless.  Executive Committee will discuss further with Ms. Padilla.

  • Will there be Pre-K Enrichment next week?

    • Pre-K Enrichment goes through 10/2/15.

  • How does one become a Class Parent?

    • Speak to your child’s teacher and volunteer yourself.


  • If you are not receiving emails from Mr. Hassan, please check your junk/spam folder, as they are coming from a personal email address and not a DOE address.  If you do not have them, please email:

  • Every class should have a Class Parent.  If you know of a class without one, please consider ‘adopting’ that class.


Discuss formation of committees, vote on PTA ByLaws, update from class parents.


Dear Parents of PS 38!

September 28, 2015


Welcome to the new school year!  We just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as the New PTA Executive Board, and to thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support.  Chris Mischler (President) has a daughter in First Grade and is in his second year as a parent at the school.  He has been incredibly involved since day one!  Joanna Schlesser (Secretary) jumped right into school and became a member of the School Leadership Team 3 years ago when her son started Kindergarten.  Jessica D’Agostino (Treasurer) has two children in the school and had a great experience being an involved parent and fundraising committee member last year.


We all chose this school for the same reasons you did: amazing teachers, small class size, the school’s focus on the arts, and because of how involved the parents in the school are - that’s thanks in large part to tireless efforts of our Principal and administration over the past few years!  We intend to take what they started, build upon it, and add to their successes!  


Some of the activities and events we have lined up this year are the Scholastic Book Fair, the PS 38 Carnival, a wine and cheese night for parents and staff, and the PS 38 Read-A Thon!


We welcome all of your thoughts and input.  In doing so, we would like to invite you to the First General PTA meeting. We will discuss the formation of committees, get an update from the Class Parents, vote on a time to have future PTA meetings, and vote on the PTA Bylaws.  Some of the committees we would like to form immediately are:
Communications - assists with communicating information to parents, including distribution of fliers

Enrichment - assists with the organization of the enrichment program

Fundraising - plans and manages various fundraising activities and events throughout the year

Teacher Appreciation - organizes events throughout the year for teachers and staff

Wellness - oversees/advocates for healthy and environmentally responsible choices for the school

Please think about whether you would like to join any of these committees, or, if you have a passion for something you’d like to see in the school, come up with an idea of your own!


Thanks for putting your confidence in us.  We will strive to strengthen our community, both parents and teachers, and continue moving forward.


Chris, Joanna and Jessica


PTA Meeting Date: Thursday, October 8th

Time: 8:30am

Place: School Auditorium

For more information, feel free to email us at


2015-2016 After School Enrichment Information

Write here...

Write here...

2014-2015 School Leadership Team Information

Hello, and welcome to the 2015-2016 school year here at PS 38!  One of the things that makes this community so great is the involvement of all of the parents in the school.  We'd like to let you know about an opportunity to become more involved in your child's schooling and education by letting you know that there are positions available on the School Leadership Team (SLT).  The SLT is a team of people made up of school administration, staff and parents that is charged mainly with writing, revising and implementing the school's Comprehensive Education Plan which is essentially the document which lays out the school's vision, and, via the budget, how the school intends to fulfill that vision.  Becoming part of the team entails doing some online training, attending monthly meetings, and spending time working for the betterment of the school.


There are currently three (3) parent positions available on the SLT.  Elections will be held at 9:30am on October 5th IMMEDIATELY following the Principal's Breakfast in the Cafeteria.  Committee members will be able to decide the best day and time to hold future SLT meetings, but the election will be held on the morning of the 5th.  Please prepare a short statement as to why you believe you would be an asset to the committee.  Even if you do not want to be on the committee, please stay for the election to hear from the candidates and vote on who you would like to represent you, as a parent, on this important committee.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Joanna Schlesser at

Thank you!




September Principal Meet and Greet

2016 Executive Capital Budget 

Principal's Breakfast October 5th @ 9 AM

Pre-K // Kindergarten Open House 

2015-2016 After School Information


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Harvest Fest 2015

2015-2016 School Calendar

General School Supply List

NEW PTA Election Letter

Parent Teacher Discussion 2015

2014-2015 Parent Handbook