It’s November already!  Time is flying by, yet there’s so much still ahead… 

First, a big thank you to the PTA, teachers, school staff, parent volunteers, PS38 families and students who helped make the Fall Festival a huge success and a wonderful time for all.  We’re looking forward to future events as a school community. 

In the meantime, here are important dates for November: 


·      Election Day—November 6th, 2018     NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

Professional Development Day for Teachers and Staff. 

·      PTA Election Day bake sale---- 7am-8pm

 ·      Veterans’ Day(Observed)—Monday, November 12th----NO SCHOOL

·      Scholastic Book Fair—November 13th to 16th

·      SLT meeting November 13th  4pm-5:30pm

·      Parent-Teacher Conferences:  The fall term’s parent-teacher conferences will be held on

              Thursday, November 15th, 2018.  Session 1: 1pm-3pm       Session 2: 4:30pm-7:30pm

It’s a HALF DAY for students.  Dismissal is at 11:30am. 

 ·      PS 38 Kindergarten School Tour: Wednesday, November 28th --8:30am-9:30am                                    

Friday, December 14th –8:30am-9am

Parent-Teacher conferences:  The first session of parent teacher conferences will be held between 1pm-3pm.   The second session will be held between 4:30-7:30pm.  Teachers may also hold conferences on Tuesday afternoons 11/20 or 11/29 during parent engagement time, 2:20pm-2:50pm.  The conference is a valuable time for you to speak to your child’s teacher regarding, your child’s progress in school and to answer your questions.  Your child’s teacher will reach out to you with scheduling information to set up an appointment.  Cluster teachers (Music, Dance, Science and PE) are also available to meet with you during parent-teacher conferences.  Please reach out to the cluster teachers to schedule an appointment.  

Report cards will come home with your child on Wednesday November 14th.  This gives you some time to review the report card prior to your parent-teacher conference.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Election Day PD for teachers:  Election Day is a day of professional development for teachers and staff at PS38.  We are pleased to continue the conversation and work with Breaking the Cycle.  The dynamic consulting team of Brian and Lurie Favors, will facilitate discussions with us on aspects of Culturally Responsive classrooms, helping us build an awareness of our own personal biases and reflect on how biases, of any kind, impact students and classroom functioning.  This is an important topic to for us to address as a community and in our world, as a whole. I want to thank Community Schools (Counseling in Schools) for providing this amazing PD support to our teachers and staff.  We also plan on scheduling several parent workshops with Brian and Lurie, throughout the year. I hope many of you will be able to attend these workshops.  We will also be holding in-house PD for teachers in the afternoon of election day.

Lost and Found: We’re now in the season of coats, hats, sweaters, gloves, etc.  As you know, kids can easily misplace their belongings at school.  We do our best to collect items, throughout the school particularly, items left in the yard, after lunch and recess.  Please help us return these items to you by labeling all of your children’s belongs, including water bottles, gloves, etc.  Clearly labeled items have a higher chance of being returned to the right owner.  Thanks for your support.

 Blue Emergency Cards:  We are in desperate need of missing blue cards for students in almost all of our classes.  If you have not done so, please complete an emergency blue card right away.  Fill out the card completely and please keep the information on the card updated, especially cell phone number and home addresses.  A very important part of our school safety protocols is to have updated contact information for all of our students.  In case of an emergency, we need to have accurate information on file for all of our students.  During parent-teacher conferences on Thursday, November 15th, my staff and I will have blue cards available for you to fill out or you may also update your information in the main office. 

Lice: Lice is a very common issue for any school.  If your child has lice, you must notify the school right away.  The DOE has a “no head lice” policy which means that students who have lice in their hair or scalp are not allowed to remain at school.  If your child has lice and is at school, we will notify you and you will need to pick your child up from school.  Once treated, students need to be re-checked by school staff before being allowed to return to class.  If a student has “nits”( lice eggs) with no evidence of lice, they will be allowed to stay at school.  We highly recommend that if you discover nits on your child’s hair or scalp that you have your child treated.  We will also send home a “lice” letter to families in the classroom affected by lice so you are aware of the presence of lice in the classroom. 

Play on school grounds after school hours: It’s been reported to me that some students are playing in an unsafe way on school grounds (outside of the big yard) after school hours.  Students are welcome to play in the main yard after dismissal.  However, it seems that oftentimes kids go onto school grounds unsupervised.  This poses a variety of safety issues for our kids.  I’ve seen students climbing trees in the front of the school, as well as onto the large steel box in the pre-K yard.  Also, I have been notified that students are also attempting to gain access to the garden shed on the property.   These incidents pose very dangerous situations for kids. Please do not let your child(ren) climb trees, stand or sit on the large equipment box in the pre-k yard or venture around the property unattended.  I also will ask the teachers to speak to their student about these precautions and safe ways to play after school.  We want our kids to have fun out in the yard but we also want to ensure their safety as they play. 

As always, thank you for your support of PS 38.

Have a great November!



October News 2018

Dear PS 38 families,

October is off to a great start.   Our students seemed to have settled comfortably into their school and classroom routines, in our brief few weeks of school.  I’m also becoming more familiar with the names and faces of our students. I am especially grateful to you, the teachers and staff for your support and patience, as we worked out our arrival and dismissal procedures. 

Here are a few reminders of some school-wide policies and other business to ensure that our great start continues throughout the year.

Morning Arrival procedures:

THE SCHOOL DAY STARTS AT 8AM.  Please bring children, grades K-5, to the backyard for morning arrival.

(For rainy and/or very cold days, K-2 will gather in the cafeteria and 3-5 in the auditorium).  Pre-k parents will escort their children directly into the classroom,

Please make every effort to be at school by 8am.  Good attendance and punctuality are important life-long routines to establish with your child.  Early arrival, at 7:30am, is available to all for FREE.  We blow the whistle for line up at 8am, then students begin entering the building. The big yard doors will close at 8:10am. You must then enter through the main entrance.  Children who arrive after 8:15am will be marked late.   

Thank you for your support in helping us start our day, promptly.

Safety policies and procedures:

The safety of students, teachers, staff and families is our school’s highest priority.  We will continue to emphasize and adhere to DOE safety protocols and procedures.  At the beginning of every year, we meet as a staff to review and discuss safety protocols and drills as well as procedures specific to PS 38, such as hall passes, bathroom buddies and partnering students as they walk through the building.  Please remember that all adults must sign-in and show photo ID, at all times, when entering the building.  All of our exits are locked and alarmed so please always exit through the main Dean Street entrance.  During the year, we are required to have 12 fire drills and 4 soft lockdown drills.  These drills are an important way for us to emphasize fire and building safety with our kids, in a non-threatening way.  We review all evacuation and lockdown procedures with students before we do the drills.  Every month, the safety committee meets to discuss issues concerning safety in the building and on school grounds.  The committee is made up of teachers, the custodian, administration, parent coordinator and PTA.  We also work closely with the 84th precinct’s NCO (Neighborhood Coordinator Officer) to build a positive working relationship with our community police officers.  This year, I have scheduled a safety meeting for parents on Wednesday, October 17th at 8:30am, with our guest speaker, Mr. Jeffrey Horne, our Borough Safety Director, to discuss with you, the procedures and drills required by NYCDOE. 

Homework Policy:

I’ve received several parent emails regarding PS 38’s homework expectations and policies.  Some parents explained that they struggle with getting their children to complete homework. Some have expressed to teachers that they want more homework than what is assigned.    The teachers and I have met in grade teams to discussed the current homework expectations on the grade, the purpose of the assignments and most importantly, the consistency of homework expectations across the grade.  I’d like to share my ideas on homework and to make PS 38’s homework expectations clear for you and your child.  First, I strongly believe, as do many of our teachers, that the purpose of homework in elementary school is to build positive, manageable routines and habits for our students to carry throughout their school years.  As children move through the grades, these expectations should, I believe, increase incrementally to build children’s stamina and independence.  I think it’s important that homework is reasonable and is sensitive to the developmental needs of our children.  I also understand the importance of having homework be part of our kids’ lives because they will be held accountable to this responsibility in middle school and beyond.

Below is PS 38’s school-wide homework policy, to provide a guideline, on the amount (in minutes) of homework we expect in each grade.  Homework is rarely assigned on weekends although we encourage and recommend that our students read every day, whether it’s with grade level texts and/or children choosing what they want to read during their own time.  The time ranges are a guide for you and your child.  If your child finishes their homework quickly, additional reading is recommended.  Your teacher can also recommend many additional resources including many wonderful literacy and math websites for your child to explore. If your child is struggling within the given timeframe, please reach out to your classroom teacher for assistance in how to manage what is assigned.

I hope this helps clarifies our policies for homework.  We want to work together, with you and with your child to help make homework a positive (as much as it can be!) and manageable experience.

Please reach out to your teacher or me if you have questions and feedback.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 4.17.04 PM.png

 Upcoming Dates:

·       Tuesday, Oct 9th       SLT meeting

·       Saturday, Oct 13th    “Power Saturday”  AIS/Enrichment

·       Wednesday, Oct. 17th – Parent Safety Meeting

·       Saturday, Oct. 27th    Fall Festival

·       Wednesday, Oct. 24th –School wide Vision Screening

·       Wednesday, Oct. 31stHalloween: For students in K-5, please do not send costumes (or masks and accessories) to school.  Please reach out to your teachers for more specific information on in-class celebrations.  We’ll have a “no homework” night so children will have time to celebrate Halloween after school.


Thank you for all the ways you support PS 38. 

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime.




September News 2018

Dear PS 38 families,

It’s been a busy first few days of school but things are moving along quite smoothly.  Our students managed the first few days of transitioning from summer break, wonderfully.  Overall, they seemed eager and ready to be at school.  It’s great to see all of those smiling faces, as they entered the building.   Thank you for getting your child back into school routines.  We are ready for a great year.

I want to remind you of few important things as we get the school year started.

·      **NEW--- EARLY ARRIVAL DROP OFF**: With the support of the PTA, we are happy to provide our PS 38 families with early drop off in the morning, at no cost.  Starting Wednesday, September 12th, the big yard and the pre-k yard will be open from 7:30am to 8am for drop off.  Each yard will be supervised by teachers and staff.  Since this is drop off, we ask that parents do not enter the yard.  Please say your goodbyes outside the gate.  Children will have free play until 8am.  They will then be sent in to their classes.  On rainy or colder days, children will gather in the auditorium for early arrival, supervised by teachers and staff.

·      Curriculum Conference night is Monday, September 17th, from 4:30pm to 7:30pm.  We’ve scheduled upper and lower grade conferences.  The evening is designed to be an opportunity for you to hear details and ask questions about the curriculum for your child’s grade.  Please note that this is not a time for personal conferences about your child.   The teachers are in the early stages of getting to know his/her students.  Please reach out to your teacher to make a separate appointment.

I encourage you to follow the schedule below. 

Schedule for Monday, September 17th:


        4:30pm-5pm           Counseling in Schools: Ms. Atiyya

                                         SUNY Health Center: School Nurse


        5pm----6pm             Lower grade conferences (Pre-K, K, 1st, 2nd)


        6pm----6:30pm       Cluster Panel—Music, Science, Dance, Spanish and Gym    



       6:30--- 7:30pm        Upper grade conferences (3rd, 4th, 5th)


    **Service providers (Speech, OT) rooms will be posted in the hallways**


·  New staff

Please help me give a warm welcome to our new staff at PS 38:

Barbie Vella  K-244

Betsy Rodriguez K-246

Rodelyn Mendoza 2-234

Julio Ruiz 2-236

Denise Laidley 4/5-322

Gina Duclayan-5-302

·      PS 38 Community Standards—I’ve been speaking to the staff about putting community standards in place for our school.  PS 38 is a warm, nurturing place.  As a school community, I believe it’s important for us to make our expectations clear and explicit for students, staff and families.  By creating these standards, we hope to make clear to our community what behaviors are acceptable (and unacceptable) in school.  We want to encourage positive decision-making skills and respect within the community while taking a proactive approach in alleviating problems.  Next week, Ms. Smith and I will present these standards to every classroom.  Copies of the standards will be posted in every classroom and throughout the building.  We will also send a copy home to be shared with PS 38 families (via backpack).  Please assist us with this effort by reviewing the PS 38 Community Standards at home with your child and holding your child accountable to these expectations as we do.

·      Allergies---Please inform your teacher if your child has severe food allergies.  Some classrooms are designated as nut-free rooms.  Please speak to your teacher if your child needs an accommodation.

·      Welcome Picnics—Please join us for the grade level “welcome back, picnics”.  Dates are posted on the school calendar.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you on the 17th at Curriculum Conference night.

Have a great September!


Pascale Pradel, Principal, IA






Dear PS 38 Families,

I want to welcome you to the 2018-19 school year!  As interim acting principal, I am so excited to start this new school year with you.  A big “Thank you” to everyone for the warm, enthusiastic welcome.  It means a great deal to me to receive such support.  I’m grateful to Dr. Ramirez and the administrative team for their time and assistance in my transition to this new role.  I’ve been getting to know all aspects of PS 38 and feel very fortunate to be part of this wonderful school community. Throughout the summer, our school staff has been busily preparing for the first day of school. I’m especially excited to meet and get to know the students of PS 38.  It’s going to be a year full of new and exciting learning experiences for your children.  We look forward to working with you to ensure it’s a successful one.

Here are some important reminders for the first few days of school.

·       Wednesday, September 5, 2018 is the first day of school.  School hours are 8am to 2:20pm. School begins promptly at 8am.  Please make every effort to bring your child to school on time. 

·       “Grab and Go” begins at 8:00 a.m. every day.  Breakfast will be served in classrooms. All students from K-5 will take their food directly to the classrooms.

·        Curriculum Conference—I hope you will be able to attend this year’s Curriculum Conference on Monday, September 17th, from 4:30pm-7:30pm.  You will have an opportunity to meet and speak to the teachers who work with your child during the school day. You will hear about the curricula, for your child’s grade, across subject areas, homework routines, enrichments and a lot more. A schedule of curriculum night will be emailed and posted on the website the first week of school.

·       Blue CardsPlease fill out a Blue Emergency Card for each child in your family.  It’s important to fill out a card every year.  We need updated and accurate contact information for your child so we can easily contact you, if needed. The card also includes adults who have permission to pick up your child from school.  This is a very important document for us to have in place as soon as the school year begins.

·       Lunch forms---Every family must fill out a lunch form for all of their children who are in the school, even if your child does not eat school lunch.  Please return the completed the form(s) to the main office or classroom teacher.  You can also conveniently complete the lunch form on-line.  Click here to fill out 2018-2019 Lunch Form

2018 Meet & Greet Update : 

Although there's is no meet and greet this year for Pre-K & kindergarten, Curriculum Conference Night is scheduled earlier than usual this year, September 17th  4:30pm-7:30pm, so you will have time to meet the classroom teachers on that day.  

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 9.27.08 PM.png

2018 School Supplies List