Fall 2018 Enrichment Online Registration is now open on Konstella!

Introducing Konstella!
Konstella is a full service communication platform that the PTA is using this year. Through Konstella you will be able to: register for enrichment, volunteer for committees and events, manage calendars, communicate with class parents, and receive announcements, among other features. You may also download the app for iOs and Android phones for info on the go.

It is imperative that all parents register with Konstella at your earliest convenience using the following URL. If you do not know your child's class yet, don't worry! That information can be added later. Please pay special attention to the privacy features; it's up to you to choose the level of personal information other parents can see in the Konstella directory.



Welcome to the PS 38 PTA

We are working hard to make 2018-2019 a fantastic year for all of our students!  All parents and teachers are automatically voting members of the PTA and we hope that many of you will also choose to become active members by being engaged, attending our regular monthly meetings, volunteering at events, or serving on a committee.

Thursday, September 13, 7pm - The September PTA Executive Board Meeting will take place in the school cafeteria.

Thursday, September 20, 8:15am - The September PTA General Membership Meeting will take place in the school auditorium. Please make every effort to attend - grab some coffee, meet other PS 38 parents, and let's get to work on a great year ahead!

PTA Mission Statement

The objectives of the PS 38 PTA are to provide support and resources to the school for the benefit and
educational growth of the children; to develop a cooperative working relationship between the parents and
staff of our school; to develop parent leadership and build capacity for greater involvement; to foster and
encourage parent participation on all levels; and to provide opportunities and training for parents to
participate in school governance and decision ­making.

PTA Executive Board Members 2018-2019

Suzanne O'Connor & Anneliese Paull - Co-Presidents

Treneta Collingwood - Vice-President

Jessica Smith D'Agostino - Recording Secretary

Jill Stempel - Media Secretary

Avi Salzman - Treasurer

Please address inquiries to 38ptabrooklyn@gmail.com or 38ptasect@gmail.com. We are checking email over the summer and will respond at our earliest convenience.


 Enrichment Classes (including Early Morning and Aftercare) will begin Friday, September 7, 2018. 

Early Morning Care will be available from 7:30am-8:00am in the schoolyard this year. It is free and open to all students. (Parents will NOT be allowed in the schoolyard beginning Friday, September 7.)

Enrichment Classes will run from 2:30pm-4:30pm

Aftercare will be available from 4:30pm-5:30pm

Please see the Enrichment tab for the Fall 2018 Enrichment class descriptions. Online enrollment in currently OPEN. You will need to be registered with Konstella to register online. Paper enrollment forms will be backpacked on the first day of school.



Sent August 21, 2018 via MySchoolAnywhere:

Greetings PS 38 Families!

We hope everyone is enjoying the last couple weeks of summer! 

Best regards,

PS 38 PTA Executive Board


Sent July 22, 2018 via MySchoolAnywhere:

Dear PS 38 Families,

We wanted to address Dr. Yolanda's retirement and the process for finding a new principal. An acting interim principal will be assigned to our school in September, at which time the C30 process will commence to find a permanent principal. The C30 process can take approximately 3 months. http://docs.nycenet.edu/docushare/dsweb/Get/Document-49/C-30.pdf

This past Tuesday at a public CEC 15 meeting, Ms. Anita Skop, our superintendent, announced Ms. Pascale Pradel, the current assistant principal at PS 107, as our incoming acting interim (AI) principal. While this information was provided in a public forum, it is not an official announcement. Our AI principal will officially be announced on September 1; while we expect that Ms. Pradel will be the AI principal, that may not be the case.

Please be patient with this process. We will provide accurate and up-to-date information as we are able. We look forward to a wonderful school year ahead!

Best regards,

PS 38 PTA Executive Board



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